Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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About GroceryBlueprint
What is GroceryBlueprint anyway?
It's a helpful website to make your grocery shopping faster. Type in the things you want to buy and print out a personalized map of the store for your next grocery shopping trip.
How can it make my grocery shopping faster?
Lots of ways!
  • You won't have to hunt down a store employee to direct you to that one hard-to-find item on your shopping list, your personalized map shows you the exact spot in the store for everything on your list.
  • Your personalized map lets you plan to pick up everything on your list quickly (since you know exactly where to go) and avoid backtracking across the store to get the one item on your list that you walked right by earlier.
  • You may not even have to go shopping at all! (Just give your printed personalized map to someone else and let them do the shopping)
Using GroceryBlueprint
What can I type in for GroceryBlueprint to find?
GroceryBlueprint uses an sophisticated text-matching process to figure out the item you intend to buy based on what you type in. You can type in what you want in plain English and it'll know what you want.
  • pineapple
  • 3 medium fresh pineapples
  • pineapple in a can
How do I save my shopping list for later?
Just click the Save link. GroceryBlueprint also auto-saves frequently to make sure it remembers your shopping list. Your list is saved indefinitely, so you can return to it the next day or the next month. Once you start a new list though, your old list is removed.
Limitations of GroceryBlueprint
What if GroceryBlueprint can't find something I need?
We strive to have GroceryBlueprint be able to find anything you might need, with a few exceptions. Try alternate names or words for the item. If GroceryBlueprint doesn't properly recognize what you're typing in, please let us know on the Feedback page what you were looking for that couldn't be found.
What if I couldn't find my item where GroceryBlueprint said I would?
If GroceryBlueprint was wrong, please let us know on the Feedback page what you were looking for that was in the wrong spot. Keep in mind that some items (such as fresh watermelon) are seasonal, and may not be stocked at all times.
Does GroceryBlueprint find more than just food?
In a limited way. Though finding the food on your list is GroceryBlueprint's specialty, our goal is to find everything you may need in a grocery store. We're constantly improving the site, so if we miss something - we may able to find it the next time you visit our site.
Can I specify that I want to buy organic food?
Not at this time. However, we may add the ability to find organic food in the future if there is demand for it. Please tell us on the Feedback page if this is something you want.